We would like to introduce you to School Monkey...


We are a small business based in Sydney’s north shore with a big idea to transform the traditional uniform shop. We want to make buying school supplies easy, and at the same time make it painless for schools to run uniform shops.


We began our journey wondering why school and sports shoes weren’t sold in uniform shops. By 2016 we had expanded our horizons to wonder why stationery packs, musical instruments, technology items and all other school supplies weren’t sold at uniform shops, and why all uniform shops weren’t online!


As parents of young children, the process of getting our children ready for school was an expensive and inconvenient experience. We saw an opportunity to provide a service to parents to make getting children ready for school simpler.


We also realised that schools and P&Cs were struggling to manage uniform shops, and they needed help. Running a uniform shop can be like running a small business, with inventory management, accounting, deciding product pricing and range, supplier management and the sales process all part of the work that volunteer parents need to do.


So we created...




Why the name School Monkey? We chose ‘Monkey’ because it reflects our cheeky and relaxed nature, and since going to school is meant to be fun, why shouldn’t getting ready for school also be fun and relaxed for parents?


Now, we are continuing our journey by reaching out to parents via our online shop. We are also reaching out to schools and parent bodies to see if we can help them in running their uniform shops.




At School Monkey, our aims are:



Why does a uniform shop only sell uniforms? Why can’t I buy  uniforms and other school supply needs online? Why is getting my child ready for school such a time consuming and costly experience?

We couldn’t find satisfactory answers, so we started School Monkey to help schools and P&Cs to transform their uniform shop.


We aim to provide a one-stop-shop for school supply needs, with an extensive range of school supplies including uniforms, shoes, stationery, musical instruments and everything in between.

We can bring your uniform shop online and help in the sales and admin process at your uniform shop.


At School Monkey, we value the importance of creating and maintaining close community bonds. That is why we always work closely with the schools and P&Cs, and our aim is always to make it easier for P&Cs to run uniform shops and for parents to buy from uniform shops.


We offer multiple solutions to help schools and P&Cs with their uniform shops from advisory services and admin help, to partnerships working closely together to outright management of the uniform shop.

See more details about how we can help Schools and P&Cs here   See Our Services


We hope we can make your life easier, whether you are a parent or involved in your school’s uniform shop.


Tim & Vyas,

The School Monkey Team