At School Monkey, we offer the following services...


School Monkey has two different but complimentary ways of providing school supplies to students:

Online website selling directly to the public

One-stop-shop for all your school supply needs

Selling items like shoes, stationery, generic uniforms, musical instruments, technology items and accessories

Working with schools to modernise and simplify the uniform shop

Bring their uniform shop online

Offer additional products for sale to make it a one-stop-shop

Help with all the financial and operational administration


How Can We Help Schools and P&Cs?

We offer multiple solutions to help schools and P&Cs with their uniform shops. We know that different schools have different needs, and we able to provide a service to schools no matter what the need. Our services include:



Examples of How We Can Help Schools and P&Cs


Bring your uniform shop online with the School Monkey website, or create your own website managed by us!



Organise a fundraiser where School Monkey sells shoes and stationery packs to your students, and the P&C receives a portion of sales!